Sunday, 26 February 2012

One warm day in February

I met the club at the boatshed at 8.30 am and stood around marvelling at the sheer amount of chaos they were creating. However, about half an hour later we headed off for the Tay at Grandtully. We put in at the SCA access point in a field on the north side of the river.
Primark tiger suits on show.

We paddled down to just above Fisherman's Hole (which still has a tree in the right hand side) then gathered in an eddy to let some white water racers whizz past. On the way down Patrick had all the beginners doing lots of breaking in and out so everyone was getting lots of skills pratice. We sneaked down the middle of Fisherman's hole between the two big holes which prompted some expletives from Sanna as she passed close by one! Everyone managed through and we eddied out at the grassy bank below and stretched our legs while watching the rest of the racers go by.

Getting back in after all the racers have gone by.

We paddled on down to the top of the slalom course at Grandtully. After a quick look and lots and lots of faff deciding on lines everyone set off down the rapid. One group did a left route, another did a right route and I decided both routes were boring and went for the left-to-right route by myself!

Safety cover. Sort of.

Sanna heading for a hole surf.

A bit of carnage clear up later and we all piled in cars and headed to the Tummel! At the put in at Clunie Dam I finally worked out how to zip my drysuit by myself. We hopped on and bashed down. There were a number of interesting pins on the way!

Small rapid near the start.

The bottom of Sawmill Falls.

Andre slips through Constriction.

Inspecting S Bend rapid.

Boofing the Linn.

 When we reached the Linn we were greeted by this interesting sight:

The tree does not interfere with a successful run of the two drops (I didn't end up anywhere near it) - it sits only in the very shallow water on the right, however it is a bit intimidating and the less confident in the group walked round the rapid.
A gentle paddle across Loch Faskally and we were at the end of a fantastic day out!

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