Sunday, 12 February 2012

Icy times on the North Esk

January 14th 2012
Arriving at the put in, the world is covered in frost:
"Why are we doing this?"
"Because it's kayaking. It's fun."
"Why are we doing this?"

The slide at the put in: give your boat a shove and then run to catch up!

The final bit of downhill at the put in.

Is that foam? No Davey, that's ice.

A very sunny day!

More ice!

Ice breaking sounds like thunder.

"My left hand is inferior and does not deserve a pogie"

Surfing below Shotgun

Rocks of Solitude

"Paul's going to run this and risk getting his head wet?"

Styling Rocks of Solitude

Since the water on my boat froze during this portage I'm glad
I didn't bother running this rapid!

Ice frozen into foam pies. It took about 30 seconds for Paul
to start throwing them around like frisbees.

Paul, Rebecca and I took the initiative and decided that running
Fishladder Falls was quicker than walking and would get us
back to the cars faster!

So happy to be at the takeout and about to be warm and dry!

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