Sunday, 12 February 2012

North Esk paddling

Some photos from a mildly silly day out on the North Esk (near Edzell) on 5th Nov 2011. There was lots of unintentional swimming, some swearing to go along with some of the swimming, one paparazzi photographer that turned out to be a lecturer from the St Andrews Uni maths department (where one of our party is a phd student and two of the others have lectures) and a little bit of turning Byron upside down (sorry, no photos, I was laughing too much).
Serious consideration at Rocks of Solitude

Damp lens from unintentional dunking in the river, oops.

Oh dear...

Pretty much exactly what I did replicated by Jonny

A helping hand!

What happened?

Surprisingly there was no swimmage here!

The mysterious blue pipe

Rebecca on the big drop of Fishladder Falls

Looking cool at the take out

Soggy kayakers descend on Ganochy Bridge
The following photos are not mine (but are of me!). They were taken by a very nice Maths lecturer who passed them onto me. They show the grade 4 rapid "Fishladder Falls".

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