Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Tummel Day

The first day of Tummel rafting releases was approaching so, there being no water anywhere else, we loaded up the boats and headed up.

There were some shenanigans involving a forgotten BA, Jon doing the river with hand paddles to make it "more entertaining" and some rocks at sawmill falls...

Hugh finds some rocks on Sawmill falls. I came to his rescue,
after taking pictures of course.

Shudder rudder in the mini gorge.


S bend rapid.

The Linn, hand paddling!

We ran the Linn once then said goodbye to David and Kirsty who had to head back to Aviemore. Soon, having run the Linn enough times to start getting bored and swum around in the loch for a while (me), we headed back to the cars. I decided to get changed and the boys had a debate over whether to go do the upper or not. Tired of this I told them we were going, they were paddling and I was going to take pictures. Settled.

Paul considers the top fall of the big drop.

Mostly upright!

The bottom fall of the big drop.


Surfing in the wave at the bottom of the big slide at the end

"Mystery move"

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