Sunday, 11 January 2015

Flat spins on Stanley

Today was a good day. After about a year of trying to flat spin on a wave and falling in a lot I finally managed it!
A flat spin, for the uninitiated in the world of playboating, is where you spin around while surfing on a wave. So a flat spin on flat water is just turning your boat around 360 degrees. On a wave, this becomes rather tricky!

This morning was very cold and snowy:

The roads were pretty sketchy! But I finally got there and we headed up to the Linn to have a look at the scary.

That orange dot on the far side is Jon.
We ran away downstream and went for a surf at the corner wave.

It doesn't photograph well, but it is an awesome wave with the weirdest eddy service ever. I tried for a spin, managed to get backwards and couldn't quite believe I was still upright so went for the rest of the turn and got all the way around! I had a screamy celebration and then, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke I went back on the wave and did another two spins in one ride. Woop!
We paddled down to the Thistlebrig wave, but it wasn't running very well.

So we went downstream to Wee Eric:

Photos of me by Paul Crossan:

Much flatspinning!!! It was awesome.

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