Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Surfing trips, January-March 2014

Wee Eric on the Tay (Thistlebrig) at a sweet level

The winter of 2013-14 was really mild and rainy. For paddlers, it was like heaven had come to Scotland's rivers. I think I paddled in the snow twice! The Tay was consistently surfable all winter, and trips to Wee Eric and the other Stanley surf spots became a regular occurrence. We also visited the Ericht in Blairgowrie, a great river for playing the way down.
Thistlebrig wave, just upstream of Wee Eric, is big, bouncy and fun.

High water Wee Eric, no longer eddy serviced, but worth the quick walk up.

Shudder rudder on Wee Eric

Jen and Graeme have a Wee Eric party surf.

Cold weather at the Ericht put in.

Paddlers in abundance at the Ericht take out.

Carnage on the Ericht with STAUCC


The good thing about the Ericht, is that if you also brought your creek boat, or like Andre and Jon, you feel like being manly in a playboat, you can drive up to the main tributary, the Blackwater, and run some grade 4 as the sun is going down (it really was by the time we'd cleared up all the carnage).

Blackwater, drop 1 of 4.

Drops 1-3 of 4. You want to be river right of the
boulder on the last drop.

Last drop. I got nailed in the hole!

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