Sunday, 1 April 2012

St Andrews Sea Paddle

We live in a very pretty town with a superb bit of coastline. However, we almost never go out paddling along it because other things are more exciting and, of course, the sea is very, very scary. But it was a sunny Sunday and we couldn't be bothered driving anywhere far, so we packed lunch and set out from East Sands to paddle round to West Sands. The only hiccup in the journey was getting to the beach at west sands and the two of us thinking "it's been years since I last surfed... what do I do?" But in the end we were fine! We had lunch on West Sands in the shelter of the dunes, then paddled back round to East Sands with the wind behind us this time, much faster.

East Sands with the Cathedral in the background.

Davey in his snazzy matching kit.

Castle sands and St Andrews Castle.

Lunch stop on West Sands

Back out into the surf!

West Sands with the golf course in the background.

Back on East Sands!

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