Friday, 26 August 2011

Paddling on the Tay and Tummel

The past couple of weeks have seen lots of rain, so it was out with the kayaks! Davey hadn't been in his since March and I'd last been out in May, so we went for a couple of trips to Grandtully to get back into it. The first day we went there was rather a lot of water and the Tully rapid had some ginormous waves which were lots of fun! The second week the water had dropped a bit and boatbreaker was visible. We took the centre route down the rapid and Davey got a bit tail squirted in the hole, oops.
The day after our second trip to Tully we headed up to the Tummel which was releasing for the rafters. The water level was a bit disappointing but the rafters were great fun to watch as always. We entertained some of them at the Linn when we ran it: I ran it perfectly fine but Davey got spun in the middle and did the second drop backwards!
Rainy day on the Tay.

Back in a boat after three months out!

So much water you can't even see boatbreaker!

A lower level Tay and better weather!

Matching in blue and red with my new cag :)

Quite a difference!

Sunshine on the Tummel.

Sawmill Falls, Davey about to put a dent in his boat.

S Bend Rapid, after sitting for a while watching rafters get stuck on the rocks.

Not the way to do it! Davey going backwards down the Linn.

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